Cosmopolitan L428 SC

Full title: 
Lodge Cosmopolitan
Order type: 
Monday, 7 March, 1864
Meeting schedule: 
The third Thursday of June, July, and August. Installation in July.

The oldest Scottish lodge in the Far East, it was chartered to meet in Shanghai. After the inauguration of the Peoples' Republic of China, it remained at work until 1962. It was reopened in Hong Kong as a lodge of instruction and research.

Membership is available to master masons by affiliation, and master masons are welcome to attend to hear papers read.

Has an annual installation meeting.
May have regular inspection visits.

Office contact

Zetland Hall

Open from 10.00am daily, except Sundays and public holidays

Office: +852 2522 4404

Fax: +852 2526 5041

Masonic enquiry

Custodian - Peter Prata

Office: +852 2810 7273

Mobile: +852 9380 8557

Meetings: +852 2810 4050 (pre-recorded)


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