10 Jul 2020 - Covid-19 update

With the recent outbreak of new Covid-19 infections in Hong Kong, curbs to mitigate the spread will be re-enacted, including tightening social distancing measures. The new measures will take effect for 14 days from 11 to 24 July - and will be reviewed at that time.

This affects restaurants, which are required to have no more than 8 diners per table and operate at a maximum of 60% seating capacity. Zetland Hall has immediately applied this, which will affect the Friday curry buffet, lunches, and festive boards.

The Hong Kong Government has noted that, "...insufficient testing and lax surveillance of those exempted from quarantine are behind a new wave of coronavirus infections in Hong Kong, according to public health experts."

Therefore if anyone has been in overseas, including those on the Government's exemption list or in close contact with anyone who has been overseas within the last 14 days, they should refrain from entering Zetland Hall and follow the Government's and any associated medical advice.

All kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong are to close down early for the summer starting on Monday, 13 July.

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