Covid-19 Virus - Suspension of All Masonic Activities at ZH - 25 Mar 2020

Suspension of All Masonic Activities

During this past weekend there has been a spike in infections in Hong Kong.

The three main Masonic Constitutions in Hong Kong have each decided to suspend all their masonic activity with immediate effect, until various dates in April and to review the decision as matters evolve. At present we can say at least until 14th April and perhaps for the entire month. There may be one or two critical meetings that will still be held.

There are other masonic orders which do not fall directly under their authority but we would ask that they too seek approval to do the same, so that we all act in unison to minimise the risk of spreading this very invasive virus.

Zetland Hall

The hall functions under Hong Kong Law and Cap 1055 directs that we operate to facilitate the three main constitutions and to cooperate with the decisions they have made the ZH Trustees concur and therefore the temples will be closed during this period of suspension.

In its efforts to curtail the spread of the virus the Government is seeking to implement a new regulation to prevent the sale of alcohol, to again reduce social gathering. This may be difficult to achieve as food & beverage outlets can still provide meals and therefore social gathering will continue. If and when the regulation takes affect the hall will comply under the terms of our liquor licence.

However, the hall will remain open, lunch and drinks will be available and suitable social distancing will be applied in the dining hall. We are considering a meal take out service if there is enough demand for it, to alleviate the boredom of home cooking and allow people to get out of their homes and meet in limited numbers.

All lodges/orders are encouraged to use this time to catch up with any outstanding administrative aspects of running their order. The storage areas on the 3rd and 4th floors need tidying up due to the excessive amounts of materials that lodges leave there. Archives need culling, regalia may be in need of repair. There is plenty to do and this gives members a reason to escape their homes for a while to maintain their sanity.

Should any lodge/order have an important meeting that needs to be held during April, please obtain the authority to do so and then inform the Chairman of the Zetland Hall Trustees accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.

Zetland Hall Trustees
25 March 2020

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