Resumption of Masonic Activities - 11 May 2020

On 24 April 2020, the three main constitutions agreed to resume masonic activity on 11 May 2020.

Zetland Hall has no authority over any masonic body but we would now ask that all other constitutions consider doing the same.

During May, Zetland Hall will once again operate under the “You Decide” policy in respect of both meetings and Festive Boards until there is greater confidence that the virus has fully abated.

There are still going to be groups and individuals who will not wish to join any such meeting for a while based on their own family or business situations. Therefore it is suggested that each masonic order consider the use of masks in the temple and apply suitable spacing of the seating arrangements.

The Government has lifted the 50% restaurant rule but as the Zetland Hall dining hall can sit up to a max of approx 120 people, even if 60 dine they can be suitably spaced to avoid close contact. Most masonic orders at the Hall have far less in attendance at any individual meeting so festive boards can be correctly accommodated.

Those dining in the bar area should consider a max of 20-25 for dining arrangements.

A number of orders have already selected alternate dates for meetings that were postponed and priority is given to election and Installation meetings.

Enquiries regarding changing meeting dates, should in the first instance be made to the administration office.

On the dates in July and August when the hall is normally closed at 6.00pm, meetings and meals can be arranged to catch up with the various postponements.

Zetland Hall Trustees
27 April 2020

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