Vigilant Measures for Coronavirus Risk - 18 Mar 2020

Zetland Hall has been stepping up diligently with our precautionary measures since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (now formally referred as COVID-19) in Hong Kong.

In view of the aggravated communal spread, we have devised a series of measures as a consolidated attempt to curb the exacerbation. Below please find a summary of these measures and this summary shall supersede all prior correspondence sent regarding the Coronavirus.

General Measures on Members, Guests and Visitors

  • Members, guests and visitors are encouraged to undergo a temperature check at the Main Entrance or in the Bar Area. Anyone who records a temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius or above will be asked to leave the premises and advised to seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Everyone is requested to wash or sanitise their hands prior to entering Club premises. Hand sanitisers are available at the main entrance as well as meeting room entrances. Handwashing instructions are also posted by the sinks in the ground floor washrooms.
  • Members, guests and visitors are not to visit Zetland Hall if they have travelled outside Hong Kong, or have been in close contact with anybody who has travelled outside Hong Kong, during the last 14 days.
  • Members experiencing a new persistent cough, a high temperature or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, should not visit Zetland Hall and are advised to seek medical assistance.
  • Mask wearing will be extended to members, guests and visitors if the situation worsens.
  • All Visitors will be required to sign a guest book.

On Hygiene and Cleaning in Public Areas

  • Housekeeping will conduct facility checks, cleaning and sanitisation especially in all washrooms.
  • The built-in floor mat at the main Entrance is sprayed with sanitisers twice daily.
  • All high-risk surfaces such as doors, panels and elevators are sanitised every two hours.

On Hall Facilities

  • For members' protection, showers in the basement changing room remain closed until further notice with towel service discontinued.
  • New children party bookings will not be entertained.

On Food & Beverage

  • Peanuts at the bar have been removed.
  • For banquet booking cancellation, postponement is feasible. Arrangements will be subject to individual discussions between the member and the F&B Department.

On the Staff Front

  • All frontline staff are required to undergo a temperature check upon arrival and wear a mask at all times during work.
  • All staff are required to declare to the General Manager following a trip to China, South Korea, northern Italy, or Iran, and to observe a quarantine period of 14 days (the list of countries and regions will be updated according to HK Government guidelines).
  • All delivery staff/contract workers/repairmen will be required to undergo a temperature check on arrival.  

Benjamin Lee
General Manager

9 March 2020
revised 18 March 2020

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