Baked Alaska Party

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Baked Alaska Party
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Second or third Saturday each year in December.


Baked Alaska Fund

The Baked Alaska Fund pays for the 'Festival of Baked Alaska' which starts at High Twelve on the second or third Saturday each year in December.

The Festival of Baked Alaska is a giant Christmas Party for under-privileged children. The children arrive at about 2.15pm, and for the next two and a half-hours, all hell is let loose in the normally sedate and hallowed surroundings of Zetland Hall.

The title was dreamed up some years ago. One Brother, seeing the calendar for the year, counted the installation meetings that he would have to attend, then counted the inches on his girth and complained of the Baked Alaskas he would have to eat. Another Brother said, 'Think of the children who will never see a Baked Alaska'. And therein an idea was born.

The Party

The basic menu is chicken wings, chips and jelly, washed down with coke served on arrival by the Stewards and Stewardesses (including Lewises and Lewisettes), led by the Chief Steward. Games are played and the children are 'entertained' by the antics of Zetland Hall's resident 'Three Stooges'. In the mean-time, the Director of Ceremonies tries to keep a semblance of law and order. Musically-inclined Brethren play Christmassy muzak. Mixing it somewhere in this cacophonous cocktail are sundry riff raff who can be relied upon to prop the bar up. At 3.30pm Father Christmas arrives. After each and every child has received a present the lights are dimmed and Baked Alaska with lashings of chocolate sauce is served. Then it is 'loot bags' and time to go home.

All Masons, wives, partners and older children are welcomed to help. Duties may include wiping noses, bums etc. Just turn up for lunch and enjoy. If you haven't got all afternoon to spare - pop in for thirty minutes or so.


But it all costs money, and so we need your generous support.

Please support this worthy cause!

To make a donation, please write a cheque, making it out to the Hong Kong and Far East Masonic Benevolent Fund Corporation. All donations are tax deductable.

All proceeds of the sale of the annual Zetland Hall calendar go to this fund.


Special thanks must be given to Lodge St John 618SC and Lodge Eastern Scotia 923SC for their munificent financial assistance over the years, along with all of the individual Brethren who have taken it upon themselves to help these needy children.


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