Calendar guide

  1. The calendar on this website shows the correct dates for meetings in Zetland Hall, given by the by-laws of the various lodges and orders, and modified for public holidays and clashes (e.g. when the fourth Friday is the same as the last week day).
  2. In such an event, the nearest date has been selected, subject to no two installations being on the same night.
  3. The calendar incorporates the changes and suggestions made by Brethren during the period that the draft calendar was posted in the previous summer.
  4. The calendar is not a substitute for the proper summonsing of meetings in due time. It is understood that dispensations will be granted to accord with changes from by-laws given by this calendar, but lodges and orders must apply for these where required.
  5. Further changes in dates, emergency meetings, etc. must be agreed in advance with the General Manager who will enter them on monthly sheets posted as Notices in the entrance lobby. Otherwise he will prepare rooms for meetings in accordance with the calendar.
  6. The calendar is a 'working document' to be used and understood by all who attend Zetland Hall. To help the less experienced Mason, a consistent style has been adopted in identifying Craft Lodges. All Craft Lodges are identified by their name first - in some cases a shortened name - followed by 'L' for Lodge, then the Lodge Number and finally the Constitution. Thus Lodge St Andrew in the Far East, number 493 on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland is written St Andrew in FE L493SC. The same system to a lesser extent has been adopted for Royal Arch Chapters and Mark Lodges.
  7. If a lodge or order does move its Installation Meeting please inform the lodge or order meeting 'next door' so that squabbles over the use of the Banquet Hall can be avoided. The 'other' lodge or order should be advised as soon as possible. It is NOT the General Manager's duty. The opportunity is taken to remind all Brethren that it has been the successful convention since the opening of Zetland Hall in January 1950 that no two Installations are held on the same night.
  8. Lodges and orders inviting Ladies to join the Festive Board are asked, as a courtesy, to inform the lodge or order meeting 'next door'.

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